How to Design a Compelling POS Display: Here‘s What to Keep in Mind!

Walking through supermarket aisles without seeing at least one Point-Of-Sale display or POS display is nearly impossible. And there is a good reason for that. According to experts, a good POS display can increase sales between 12 and 20 percent!

So, what is it about POS displays that are so effective? Well, there is psychological reasoning behind it.

The purpose of point-of-sale (POS) displays is to elicit a "problem recognition response" from consumers. Basically, POS displays at stores expose customers to certain items, increasing the likelihood that they will buy the said item in order to address a need.

That said, you should know that creating an effective POS display is not a simple task! Of course, everyone can set up a POS display, but it takes experts to design and set up a good and persuasive POS display that will truly compel customers to buy your product!

We at MarkAble have half a decade of experience when it comes to creating effective POS displays. That is why we have decided to share our best tips on designing an aesthetically pleasing, and compelling Point-Of-Sale display!

1. Have an Exact Idea of What You Want!

When it comes to the promotion of your items, you need to have a solid understanding of your requirements and preferences before making any financial or buying choices on your Point-Of-Sale display options.

There are a couple of questions that can make it a bit easier for you to get an idea of how your POS display should look like:

2. Use Brand Colors Wisely for Your POS Display

It is needless to say that brand colors should be used when designing and creating your POS display. But, it has been scientifically proven that colors have a great effect on the psychology of customers and have the ability to evoke certain actions and behaviors, such as impulsive purchasing and other activities.

Now, it is important to effectively incorporate the colors of your brand into the POS display. We don't only mean to simply put the colors of your company's logo onto the POS display, but really blend them into the general design of the Point-Of-Sale display as a whole.

3. A Good POS Display Requires the Right Images

Just as it is important to use the right colors, you should also pay attention to picking the right images and graphics for your POS display. Many people think that it doesn't matter which images they use as long as they fit the overall design and brand colors, but that is not the case.

For a POS display to be effective and compelling for customers it needs to give the consumer a feel-good impression. The best way to do that is by using images of happy customers enjoying your products.

One additional tip to keep in mind is to always use high-quality images! When customers see a low-quality image or design, they automatically associate that with a low-quality product! No matter how good your product is, customers won't give it a chance if the marketing (and images) isn't top-notch.

Check out websites likeUnsplash and Pixabay if you are unsure where to go for free high-quality photographs. Because both of these websites provide millions of free photographs of excellent quality, we are certain that you will be able to discover something suitable for your point-of-sale display.

4. Come Up with Words that Sell

The third most important point you need to take into consideration when designing your POS display is to come up with words that sell. Modern buyers are smarter than ever before. So, it is important to help your customer see why they need to buy your product.

Basically, the greatest way to sell your product is to choose the right text with which you emphasize why customers should purchase it. Many businesses have found this to be an effective strategy for gaining customers' trust and making sales.

If you need help finding the right words you can use an onlineThesaurus to look up synonyms for more persuasive words. For example, instead of using the word "good" try "first-class", "superb", or "excellent."

In addition to carefully selecting the appropriate phrases, a significant amount of work should also be placed into selecting the appropriate font style and font color. Both need to be visually attractive and convincing to the customer to buy your product.

Conclusion - How to design a compelling POS display ​

It needs expertise and knowledge to design and set up a Point-Of-Sale display that is appealing. If you want people to purchase your goods, you need to make sure that everything is synchronized, from the initial concept all the way down to the color and the message.

We won't lie or deceive you by saying it will be easy to design your own POS stand, it is a lot of work and you might get overwhelmed in the process. That's why it is always a smart idea to hire an agency like MarkAble to handle all of the work for you! Our skilled staff has created eye-catching POS displays for large corporations such as Haribo and Storck! So, we are certain that we are able to provide innovative designs for your company as well!

All of our products are designed with retailers in mind and are made to last. If you're still not convinced, you are welcome to look at ourprevious work and get in touch to learn more!


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