Marketing Materials: Connect with Customers in the Best Way

Never underestimate the power of good marketing materials. Yes, even in the age of social media that we live in. Print materials are still highly effective, you just have to know how to create the right ones.

If you are looking to connect with your customers on a more personal level than just an e-mail, marketing materials like POS, business cards, brochures, or posters are the way to go. But there are so many options! It can be confusing to determine which ones are the right ones for your business. We will be covering only print materials, but the options are endless. In fact, marketing materials can be anything from thumb drives to mugs.

So, let's give a quick overview of all the most common print materials that a business could use.

Business cards - the simplest form of marketing materials

Let's start off with the classic. A business card is a small card that has basic information about a company or an individual written on it. As simple as a business card is, it still gets the job done.

Potential customers will have a way to connect with you the moment they need your services.

In addition to the basic information like the name of your company, phone number, and e-mail address, you can also add your website or social media handles.

In that way, it will be even easier to connect with you. Always make sure to add the logo of your company to your business card as well. That will make it easier to spot in a pile of business cards, and it will be more memorable for potential investors and customers.

Brochures as an effective tool

Sometimes you want to share more information than what fits on a business card. That's when brochures come into place. They are versatile marketing materials that can be used in all types of businesses.

But, in addition to being so versatile, brochures can also help you tell the story of your business. In that way, potential customers and investors will instantly feel more connected to you. You can also use brochures to share information about any upcoming events or services that your business has to offer.

A good brochure should contain eye-catching pictures, a good amount of text, and all the necessary information about your business and the services that you have to offer. Brochures are an especially strong tool for catering and travel agencies. But they can come in handy for any type of company you might operate.

Flyers are affordable

If you need something longer than a business card, but shorter than a brochure — flyers are the way to go. Flyers are everywhere. Just remember how many times you got one while walking down the street or grabbing your coffee.

They can be an affordable and easy way to create hype around your business or upcoming event, but you have to use them right. First, you have to consider how you will distribute them. Sure, you can leave a stack of them at a local coffee shop, but how effective would that be?

The two best options are either mailing them or hiring volunteers to distribute them in your area. But, that could be a bit tricky to bring into action. Secondly, you have to make your flyer look interesting enough for people to actually read it. Keep it short and sweet, with basic information and a modern design.

And remember to always print in color. Even though it is more expensive, people are way more likely to actually take a good look at it.

Postcards - creative and hard-hitting

Postcards can be an effective way to reach out to potential customers in a specific geographical area. They also feel a lot more personal than brochures or flyers.

Any type of direct mail marketing should include basic information about your company or service, in addition to a special promotional code or coupon. In that way, your potential customer is more tempted to try out your product or services.

So, postcards are perfect for sharing any type of special promotion or sale that your business may have to offer. But they are a bit more expensive to make than flyers, for example. In addition to that, you will also have to pay for the mailing.

That's why you need to be smart while creating your postcard design and choosing the households you want to send the postcards to.

Catalogs can be useful too

Let's say you need more space than even a brochure fits. Let's say you want to inform your customers about items that will be reduced in your upcoming sale. Or maybe you just want to give out more information about all the services that you have to offer. In that case, a catalog will be your best option.

Catalogs are perfect for handing out to clients, and potential customers or you can even leave them on display in other businesses in your local area.

These marketing materials will be able to share more extensive information about whatever you want the readers to know more about. Your catalog design has to be colorful, and eye-catching, but still on point.

So, always print in color and make sure that all the products and prices are clearly stated. In addition to prices and the name of the product, also make sure to give a little more information about the product itself.

Posters as marketing materials

You just started out with your company and want to create some hype around it? Posters could help you spread the word throughout town.

Posters are colorful, bright, attention-grabbing, and perfect to be displayed around your area. But you can also display them at special events such as corporate events or business fairs. Posters keep things short and sweet.

They include just the basic information, with a few details about the business itself and the product you want to promote (you can also include your social media. And remember, keeping the information to a minimum, makes it easier for potential customers to remember it.

The design of the poster needs to be eye-catching and on point. Spending some extra time and money on the design won't be a waste.

In addition to that, make sure to print a higher-quality poster that won't be easily destroyed by weather conditions.

A nice touch would also be to add a small section that people are able to tear off and take with them. These sections usually just have a phone number and/or e-mail address written on it. That way, potential customers will have your contact information with them the moment they need your service.

Don't be afraid of recycling marketing materials

Reusing your marketing material isn't a bad thing at all. But make it make sense! Sure, you won't hand out flyers for an event that already has passed. However, if the information is still relevant, why not use it? If you have a brochure, flyer, or poster that worked for you in the past, why not give it a second shot?

Make sure to do all the necessary changes to keep it relevant to the present, and give your marketing material another life. This is especially true for brochures. As hard as they can be to design, it's pretty easy to swap out the text and pictures with something that's more up-to-date.

That way you will save a lot of time, money, and patience that you would have spent on new visuals or designs. It's basically a win-win situation


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