Why Marketing Materials Still Matter?


People love the idea of getting something for nothing. Marketers use this love of anything free to spread the word about products, find new customers, and increase sales. From free books on Amazon to free samples in the grocery store, giveaway marketing makes products free to increase sales even more in the future.

Furthermore, branded marketing materials are also the extra touch that can add much quality to your brand and help your company win clients (Check out this amazing brandable material here). In other words, these simple pieces can often be forgotten in the sea of digital marketing, but that little extra can mean the difference between a potential lead is trusting the legitimacy of your brand or not.

Consequently, marketing materials matter for companies of all sizes. Choosing not to put time and effort into creating them is equivalent to voluntarily helping your business fail. Please do not run the risk of good need material and not having it. Your business depends on your ability to communicate value, and marketing materials are an essential tool used to do so. Click below to download the Markable Marketing material catalog.

4 Types Of Marketing Materials We Recommend!


Stationery & Office Supplies

For example, stationery refers to pens, notebooks, folders, and other items you should have on your list. These items are usually branded and distributed between the team and partners & customers. Are you looking for something original and practical? Give us a call!


Tech Gadgets

Also, these are always exciting and fantastic giveaways whether you are part of the IT industry or not. Nifty power bank, tracker, or multipurpose cable is these days necessary for all of us. In other words, distributing one of those at your next event will never be a bad idea.


VIP Boxes

Nevertheless, when it comes to B2B businesses customizing a premium gift for your partners and customers becomes imperative. Nice branded gift box, selection of innovative & premium items that have purpose are always welcome.


Travel Accessories

When we travel, especially for work, handy items as a socket adapter, wireless power bank, and backpack with many pockets always are used. Gifting such marketing material, we always remind your customers of your brand.

We've got you covered!

Markable offers functional, trendy and high-quality gifts which might be the most important marketing tool to increase your brand's awareness and recognition.

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