Reels Are Coming to Facebook: Here’s What You Need to Know

Facebook Reels are available on Android and iOS with new tools offered to creators to design and monetize their content.

5 months after the launch of Reels on Facebook in the United States, Meta announces their deployment in 150 countries. The format is clearly becoming Meta's priority.

Meta points out that video accounts for 50% of time spent on Facebook and Instagram, and that the Reel format is the fastest growing.

How to Create and Discover Reels on Facebook

Reels will benefit from strong visibility on Facebook. In the coming weeks, you will be able to discover them on your feed or in the stories section.

  1. Stories: You will be able to publicly share Reels in your stories and create Reels from public ones your find online.
  2. Watch: The Watch tab will integrate Reels, and Meta has prepared tools to help creators make Reels directly from the space.
  3. Feed: Reels will clearly be shown at the very top of your feed, allowing users to discover and create them very easily. Users will also be able to see Reels from people who are not (yet) followed in their feed.

Meta also mentions the development of a function to allow creators to crosspost Reels on Facebook and Instagram.

New tools to create and monetize your Reels

New content creation features will also be offered to help creators share short-form content on Meta's other networks.

  1. Remix Feature: Allows creators to make a Reel based on another, similar to TikTok and Instagram.
  2. 60 Second Reels: Reels can now last up to one minute.
  3. Drafts: You can save a draft to finalize your Reel later.
  4. Video editing: Meta will develop tools to facilitate video editing , especially for live Reels and "long format" videos0

The creators were convinced by this video format thanks to TikTok. Meta now wants people to migrate back to its own platforms. Creators will soon have many unique options for monetizing Reels. The platform mentions two advertising formats of "Facebook Reels Overlay Ads": A semi-transparent banner displayed at the bottom of Reels

Static images that can be placed anywhere on a Reel.

Bonus programs to reward (and attract) the most popular creators will also be expanded to more countries.

Unsurprisingly, ads will be displayed on Meta's Reels as well for company's to make their own short-form commercials.



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