GITEX Technology 2017 Exhibition – My First Experience!

For the first time this year, I participated in the preparations for GITEX. Right at the beginning, I must say it was a phenomenal experience to be part of a Markable team that completed four booths and prepared marketing materials and events for another 8 clients. The past week has passed in overseeing the finishing works, helping customers in everyday activities, and active participation in the exhibition itself.

I know that many of my colleagues and even some customers think that in today's time when digital marketing is increasingly moving toward, that fairs are a waste of time and money. However, I have a completely different opinion. Do not get me wrong, I respect very much, and I recognize the relevance and usefulness of digital marketing, but some things need to go the same, well-trodden path.

GITEX and Markable

This year I can say GITEX was a big hit for Markable. One of the stands whose design and construction we were in charge of was the Toshiba stand. 56m2, located in the central corridor in front of Hall 7, practically was under attack by anyone who visited GITEX this year. To not explain too much, the very picture speaks for itself…

The Toshiba exhibition stand at the 2017 GITEX EXPO in Dubai, UAE.

All our clients on GITEX!

The second booth we did was for Mindware. They entrusted us with their stand, marketing material, and all branding for GITEX 2017. After initial changes, the client approved our design, and the Mindware booth was completed even before the mutual satisfaction schedule.

Already, in the first few hours of GITEX, we got compliments for our work from many visitors and exhibitors themselves. Above all this was one of the many examples of successful cooperation between Markable and our clients.

Of course, in addition to the exhibition, the Markable team organized several dinners and events for our clients, such as SUSE, Kaspersky, Veeam, and Exclusive Networks.

Suse 25th Anniversary!

Nevertheless, SUSE was also at the same time celebrating the 25th anniversary. In the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel's beautiful atmosphere, SUSE management, with their guests, graced the event by giving their partners awards for the previous year's success.

Finally, we ended the evening by blowing candles with a wish to welcome the next 25 years with even greater success. In the name of Markable team and myself, I wish to thank Nadia Hufkie – The marketing manager of SUSE, for entrusting us with this important event.

This article is not complete if I don't mention Kaspersky. For many years we assist them in their marketing activities all over the GCC. This year we didn't manage their booth, but we did everything else.

Brochure design and printing, branding, costume-made giveaways, promoter, event management, and of course, on-site support. I need to mention that we have great help from Kristin McDonald – Kaspersky Marketing Manager.


Monja Uzunovic

As a passionate marketing & event professional, I'm client-oriented, with an instructive sales approach, and I do believe that " The power of mouth" is one of the best ways of advertising your work.

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