Virtual Events: Three Things to Expect

Virtual events & pandemic

Online events replaced physical gatherings in 2020 due to the pandemic, and that’s not going to change in 2021. In fact, market research company, Technavio announced its latest market research report titled “Global Virtual Events Market 2021-2025,” which states that the Online Event industry is expected to grow by $269.2 billion in the year 2025. To put that number in context, that’s more than half the size of the smartphone industry.

As the need for virtual conferences grows, the need for virtual innovation will grow as well. Digital event makers constantly challenge themselves to find new and interactive ways to engage their attendees and ensure their digital event’s goal is being achieved. I tell you this because I always see my coworkers brainstorming and researching new ways to make the Markable Virtual Event platform more dynamic and feel more organic. It’s no easy job, believe me.

However, regardless if it’s my company’s Virtual Event Platform or not. This year, all digital events and moving forward must have certain features that ensure attendees have a novel and exciting digital experience. Those features are…

Increased virtual event participation

Last year, many businesses lacked imagination when it came to virtual conferences. Most online events just had a bunch of videos that had an integrated chat feature embedded in them and live speakers presenting from the comfort of their living room. This year, as event-making platforms evolve, online event creators will have new ways to increase user-participation in this experience. This will give attendees a chance to contribute and share their opinion in a virtual event and will engage and commit them to commit to an event, be it through typing, donating, voting, audio, or video – expect to see new and exciting ways that will allow people to engage in this digital experience.

New ways of presenting in virtual events

Public speaking is an art because you have to craft and deliver your presentation mindfully and creatively. Great communication doesn’t just happen; it must be thought about very carefully and prepared, structured, and expressed with excellence and eloquence. Your hand gestures, your tone of voice, the way you stand, and what you’re wearing will all play a role in the outcome of your speech. That’s why public speaking is an art. But is that art still art if the medium changes? Well, technically, yes, but not the same art. You see, when the medium changes, the psychology changes. A change in psychology means a change in perception. And finally, a change in perception means a change in presentation. Expect to see new ways of presenting that will follow Apple’s likes and their latest iPhone 12 Event or Nintendo and their Nintendo Direct Virtual Event.

An increase in Hybrid Events

Virtual events can never replace physical events. Instead, they’ll complement physical events in the future – income Hybrid Events. A Hybrid Event is the best of both worlds as it combines a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component. During these unprecedented times, holding a physical event without matching it with a virtual event one.


By and large, innovation has no limits. And when it comes to virtual events, expect to see many new features as this booming market is getting higher in demand and competition. From conferences to concerts and even virtual weddings, every physical event has a place in the digital world and innovation has no limits in the digital realm! If you’d like to read more about virtual events, click here.


Ali Hariri

Ali is our digital marketing wizard, having a bachelor’s in marketing and a minor in psychology gives him a spectactular appraoch to digital marketing.In the office, he’s always snacking on something and listening to music while writing. His favorite quote is “Manifest destiny”

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