ZOOM Exhibition Stand | Dubai GITEX -2023




Exhibition Stands



Markable Exhibition Stand Contractors in Dubai and ZOOM, two well-known companies in the tech industry, joined forces to design and build an impressive exhibition stand for GITEX 2023. ZOOM, recognized as the market leader in privileged access management, brought their expertise to the table while Markable contributed their experience in creating memorable and elegant booth designs.

We ensured the final product’s highest quality by carrying out Diligent planning, execution, and oversight of the stand. One of the standout features of the booth was the private meeting area, which provided a comfortable and intimate space for Guests to discuss ZOOM services with company representatives. This private setting allowed for more in-depth conversations to take place and allowed Visitors to
get a better understanding of the products and services that ZOOM offers.

Another notable feature of the stand was the sign-in counter, designed to provide a stress-free experience for GITEX 2023 Visitors. The counter facilitated easy registration and enabled Visitors to obtain information quickly without dealing with confusing registration processes or waiting in long lines.

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