Logicom x Cisco Sustainability Event | 2022


Logicom x Cisco


Corporate Events


July 2022

Logicom and Cisco, two of the world’s most successful firms, have entrusted the MarkAble team with organizing a large corporate event, with a catch. Everything at the event had to be sourced sustainably and under the theme “The Power of Partnership.” This was a fairly difficult undertaking, but we were positive that we can do it! We gathered all of the needed information, and started working! Our team was in charge of everything, from the decoration to the delicious food and entertainment. While we’re on the subject of entertainment, the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the brilliant violinist and the entertaining magician! Lastly, what would be a corporate event without marketing materials? To keep everything environmentally friendly we designed high-quality, eco-friendly marketing materials! It’s fair to say that the whole event was a huge success!

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