Saharanet – LEAP KSA 2024




Exhibition Stands


April - 2024

The Booth is Designed to be sophisticated and also memorable, featuring a sleek, modern design with bold branding that catches the eye. The private meeting area provides a comfortable and private space for attendees to learn more about products and services, while the sign-in counter ensures a smooth and stress-free experience for all visitors.

In addition to the private meeting area and sign-in counter, the Booth will also feature a range of interactive Displays and Exhibits Designed to showcase industry-leading technology and services. These displays will be tailored to appeal to law enforcement professionals’ specific needs and interests, highlighting the benefits of privileged access management and other solutions for improving security and protecting critical assets.

Overall, the Markable promises to be one of the highlights of the LEAP providing attendees with a unique and engaging experience that demonstrates the power of innovative marketing and cutting-edge technology whether you are a law enforcement professional or simply interested in learning more about the latest trends and solutions in the industry.

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