Citrix – Campaign Management | 2020


Citrix Systems. Inc.


Digital Marketing


June 2020

Scope of work: 1. Platform: LinkedIn 2. Objective: Lead Generation & Engagement 3. Targeting: Location, Job Function, Job Seniority, Company Industries… 4. Ad Format: Single Image Ad 5. Placement: LinkedIn Audience Network 6. Visual Content: Provided by client 7. Written Content: By Markable 8. Landing Page: Provided by client Action: 1. Precise targeting based on the client’s brief. 2. Launching campaign in an oversaturated digital market. 3. Ensuring high CTR 4. Maintaining cost-effective CPC 5. Maintaining cost-effective CPL Solution: 1. A/B testing 2. Constant campaign monitoring & optimization 3. A good bidding strategy 4. Conversion tracking Forecasted results: Using forecasted results allowed us to provide the target audience size, segment breakdown, job seniority, job function, and industry to the client. Additionally, we shared an estimated number of impressions, click, budget spend and key-results. All data shared with the client was provided before the campaign launch in order to show a clear and accurate predicted ROI. Result: Markable being a LinkedIn Marketing Partner aided the success of our client’s campaign. Also, the Markable team’s time-proven copywriting techniques allowed for attractive copies that complemented the client’s visuals which resulted in unique and clear digital advertisements. The combination of planning, science and expertise allowed us to fine-craft very successful marketing campaigns.

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